2020 Annual Report

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Constitutional and Statutory Authority

The Texas Constitution, Article III, Section 67, creates CPRIT and charges the Institute with distributing up to $6 billion in general obligation bonds for research to cure and mitigate cancer. CPRIT’s governing statute, Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 102, guides the agency’s work honoring that commitment to the citizens of Texas.

CPRIT’s statutory mandate is to create and expedite innovation in cancer research and enhance the potential for breakthroughs in cancer prevention and cures; attract, create, and expand research capabilities of institutions of higher education and other public and private entities to promote a substantial increase in cancer research and create high-quality new jobs in Texas; and develop and implement the Texas Cancer Plan.

The Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee is the Institute’s governing body. In addition to establishing priorities for each of CPRIT’s three program areas, the Oversight Committee approves grant awards and adopts policies necessary for its meetings, awarding grants, and management of the agency.

The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the Speaker of the House each appoint three private citizens to serve as Oversight Committee members for six-year terms. At least one member appointed by each of the officers must be a physician or scientist with experience in oncology or public health.

CPRIT’s Grant Programs

Texas is a world-class leader in cancer research and prevention efforts. CPRIT’s investments through its Academic Research, Product Development Research and Prevention Programs connect universities, researchers, physicians, companies, hospitals, and clinics across Texas to form a critical ecosystem of distinguished cancer-fighting talent. CPRIT is proud to be a part of this connectivity. Projects funded by CPRIT create high quality jobs, support critical lab infrastructure assets, and help thousands of cancer patients extend their lives.


Grants Awarded for Academic Research, Product Development Research and Prevention Projects

$2.64 Billion

Committed Grant Funds


Grant Recipient Institutions, Organizations, and Companies

CPRIT has invested $2.363 billion in Academic Research and Product Development as of August 31, 2020

$327.7 million supports discovery stage research projects
$586.0 million supports translational research projects
$730.0 million supports clinical research projects
$659.6 million supports recruitment awards
$60.0 million supports training programs

Academic Research Program

Over the past decade, Texas has emerged as a cancer research powerhouse. CPRIT-funded researchers are discovering new insights about cancer and translating those discoveries into practical advances in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. Investing in cancer research has led to life-saving treatments and new prevention strategies, increasing the prominence and stature of Texas in the fight against cancer. In addition to the investments in recruitment, training, and core facilities, CPRIT’s academic research program is committed to funding projects in critical but underfunded areas of cancer research.

1,283 academic research and recruitment awards to 38 institutions
$1.88 billion in total academic research awards
$1.6 billion in other grants received after CPRIT award
5,392 publications reporting research findings
490 new patents and patent applications
12 NCI Specialized Programs for Research Excellence awards – the most of any state
Academic research and recruitment awards to 38 institutions
1.88 billion
in total academic research awards
1.6 billion
In other grants received after CPRIT award
Publications reporting research findings
New patents and patent applications
NCI Specialized Programs for Research Excellence awards – the most of any state

Product Development Research Program

CPRIT’s product development research program funds cancer research and development activities at Texas-based companies, accelerating promising research discoveries through the crucial preliminary stages of regulatory testing. CPRIT’s investment is critically important to startup companies because it is available when private capital is most difficult to obtain. CPRIT bridges this “valley of death” between public and private funding with working capital necessary for companies to complete early-stage development activities and secure funding from outside sources.

Awards to 42 companies; $480 million committed
$3.4 billion
Raised after receiving CPRIT award
(7:1 funding ratio)
Texans employed at CPRIT-funded companies
$626 million
In annual economic benefits of CPRIT-funded companies

Prevention Program

Half of all cancers are preventable. Reducing the number of Texans dying from cancer requires making scientifically proven prevention interventions widely available. CPRIT’s prevention program invests in evidence-based, culturally appropriate cancer prevention projects in communities across the state, with priority given to medically underserved areas and populations disproportionally affected by cancer. CPRIT’ s prevention grant awards increase the availability of cancer prevention education, vaccinations, screenings, survivorship and other services - saving lives and reducing the burden of cancer for Texans. The map below shows all prevention projects active in FY 2020 by county, legislative districts, and public health regions. Click on the red pins for Prevention Grantee highlights from around the state.

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0 Projects
1 Project
2-3 Projects
4-5 Projects
6-10 Projects
11-15 Projects
16-20 Projects
21-25 Projects



In addition to county-specific grants, CPRIT awarded 10 statewide Dissemination projects in FY 2020.

Prevention awards; 86 active projects in FY 2020
Million in prevention project awards to 53 organizations
Million prevention services, including 3 million clinical services
Cancer and cancer precursors detected by CPRIT funded projects
People received first cancer screening through CPRIT funded project
Every $1
Spent on cancer screening saves $28.81 in treatment costs

CPRIT’s Advisory Committees

In carrying out its responsibility to develop and implement CPRIT’s programs and policies, the Oversight Committee relies upon the input from committees of experts. These advisory committees provide advice on specific cancer-related topics, including the role of higher education in cancer research, childhood cancer, product development, clinical trials, and prevention activities.

University Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee on Childhood Cancers

Product Development Advisory Committee

Clinical Trials Advisory Committee

Prevention Advisory Committee

CPRIT’s FY 2020 Financial Information

FY 2020 Revenues

Legislative Appropriations $ 297,575,972
License, Fees, and Permits 956,426
Interest Income 553
Sales of Goods and Services 20
Other 33,136
Total Revenues $298,566,107

FY 2020 Expenses

Salaries and Wages $ 3,940,309
Other Personnel Costs 850,066
Professional Fees and Services 10,471,487
Travel 50,332
Materials and Supplies 367,326
Communication and Utilities 213,289
Repairs and Maintenance 4,134
Rentals and Leases 18,580
Printing and Reproduction 510
Grant Payments 204,714,882
Other Operating Expenditures 418,304
Capital Outlay 49,094
Total Expenses $221,098,313
Excess of Revenues Over Expenditures   $ 77,467,794

CPRIT’s executive management is responsible for establishing and maintaining adequate internal control over financial reporting and compliance with applicable laws, regulations, contracts, and grant agreements, as well as other matters.

McConnell & Jones LLP, a certified public accounting firm, audited CPRIT’s financial statements for the year ending August 31, 2020, ascertaining that the statements “present fairly, in all material respects, the respective financial position of the governmental activities and governmental fund information of CPRIT as of August 31, 2020, and the respective changes in financial position for the year then ended in accordance with U.S. GAAP.”

As part of the audit report on the financial statements, McConnell & Jones LLP reviewed CPRIT’s internal control over financial reporting and performed tests of CPRIT’s compliance with certain provisions of laws, regulations, contracts, and grant agreements to ensure that the statements are free from material misstatements. McConnell & Jones LLP identified no instance of noncompliance or other matter that required reporting under Government Auditing Standards.